About Us

Learn More About My Lawn Care Services and Company

Learn More About My Lawn Care Services and Company

Leatherhead Lawn Service offers viable solutions to both homeowners and businesses. Based in Mebane, NC, I provide quality lawn care services that include general maintenance, grass trimming & mowing, and seasonal lawn cleanup. With my experts, I can manage any task related to the lawn in front of your home or commercial building. Your satisfaction is my priority.

Why Pick My Company?

First, I will introduce you to my terms and then sit down to discuss them with you. When we agree on mutually-beneficial terms, I will deploy my top-grade equipment and complete the job you have for me promptly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for lawn maintenance or seasonal lawn cleanup services, I am ready to exceed your expectations.

How Is My Company Different?

Certified, insured, and known for my superb services, I run Leatherhead Lawn Service at reasonable rates and can help you transform your outdoor space with my solutions. I provide discounts to veterans and free estimates on all my labor. Choose my lawn care and maintenance services! I will go the extra mile.

More about me
My success story begins this year (2019). I am a career firefighter and have some spare time on my hands. With a love for the outdoors and the desire to serve people, I started my lawn care service. I enjoy taking care of people's properties and making them look great. Curb appeal makes a difference, especially if you don't have to get out in the hot sun and do it yourself. Luckily, I love landscaping and I love making people happy.
My business has grown from no customer base to over 15 weekly and bi-weekly customers. I take care of a couple of small commercial properties. I am looking for enough customers to keep me going while not at the firehouse.

Thanks to all of my current customers and welcome to those future customers! Thank you for trusting my service to make your lawn beautiful.

If you have a residential or commercial property in Mebane, NC, and you would like to take advantage of professional lawn maintenance services, my company is ready to assist you! Make sure you can count on an expert and contact me at (336) 516-3625 to book an appointment!